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Source for my current icon:…

Stamps made for me that were done by awesome people:
Judgement Is Everywhere by Mintaka-TK(Stamp + Gift) Can't think of a good title so by Foxstar241I Like Some Marmite Works Too, But Be Sensible! by Mintaka-TK
Anyone Of Any Personality Can Kick Ass by Mintaka-TKStamp Request: Both homophobia and heterophobia by LadyRebeccaStampsTeam Switzerland? by Mintaka-TK
LGBT Character? SJW SHOW!!1! by Mintaka-TKStamp Request: I respect mature OC X canon makers by LadyRebeccaStampsAn Age Difference Isn't Always Pedophilic In Tone by Mintaka-TK
Stamp Trade - MarioXPeach and Pauline by TVnGamesRequest-It doesn't matter stamp by Creamecream
Stamp Request: I hate ship shaming blogs by LadyRebeccaStampsI Think I've Just Remembered Why I Stay Away... by Mintaka-TKStamp Request: Hating on a female character.... by LadyRebeccaStamps
PEDOBAIT by Mintaka-TKSomething Worse Than Twilight? by Mintaka-TK
51 by PrinceStampsIt's Overrated, But It's Certainly Not Horrible by Mintaka-TK

Random stamps that I agree with and used:
GALLERY CONTAINS EXPLOSION OF FANDOMS by VexcelDon't hand me garbage for comments. by World-Hero21Stamp: Education by AibouAi
No Homophobes by FireNationPhoenixSupport Same sex marriage by Life-is-the-bubblesGay Rights by Persnicketese
Logic by TivariDo not let snowflakes alter your randomess. by Little-rolling-beanNo transphobes here by Fae-Guts
hehehehehahaha (remade) by XxDiaLinnxXTake a deep breath and calm down by Firekitty8I Support Imagination stamp by c3ph31d
Because THAT Isn't Offensive to Trans People ofc by NummyPixelsBiphobia by OurHandOfSorrowGet out please.-Stamp by phantombl00d
Human rights by Stamp-O-RamaThey really do! by phantombl00dHURR DURR DOWN WITH CIS by Mintaka-TK
PCGAMERSVSCONSOLE GAMERSSMACKDOWNOFTHE CENTURY by endlerEquality - Not Revenge by CassidyPetersonREQUEST: Toxic Friendships by World-Hero21
Artist's comments stamp by ShutsumonGenerosity Stamp by KittyBluesEveryone IS Equal by bradleysays
Wish Fave Comment Stamp by sambeesIf you're rude... by Spork-sanStamp_Be blunt but not rude by Chivi-chivikStampity
Learn the difference people! [Revamp] by Username-91is it really that hard? by ColliequestTake a Chill Pill by HeiniHimmler
ALL OVER TEH INTERWEBSZZZZZZZ by endlerthose three dreaded words.. by RainbowIcePopUnoriginal Stamp by Sycotei-B
Survival is selfish, people! by Little-rolling-beanThey truly have by PandaSennin{COMM} All Parts of LGBT Face Discrimination by NummyPixels
Different Crushes are So Bad? by PurfectPrincessGirlAbuse isn't love by Guei-GirlCan't guys be 'Strong and Independent' too? by PurfectPrincessGirl
Anybody can oppose Racism by DragonQuestWesBecause Apparently, This Isn't Obvious by Mintaka-TKLearn what the word means first. by World-Hero21
Or extremely naive. by World-Hero21Hating Something Stamp by Reitanna-SeishinI Don't Debate by selfmadecannibal
I'm looking at you, rabid TTG haters by LadyRebeccaStampsFact and Opinion by Scarecrow--Stamps''Oh, But the Poor Sod Can't Actually Think!'' by Mintaka-TK
Anti-Nasty Critique stamp by EmilyHeatherlyHorray for Criticism by ChannelevenDon't Get Me Started On This... by Mintaka-TK
I Don't Believe in Fair Use 2 by Survey-chanBecause the Basic Rules of English Are 4 N00bs! by Mintaka-TKWeebs and weeb haters are dumb by DragonQuestWes
PCom - Norway by Haters-Gonna-Hate-MeStamp: Pro-Police Anti Police Brutality by KrisTheTrashLord
DA Stamp - Anti-Hunting 01 by tppgraphicsPregnunt 14 Yr Old Gurls!!11!su Keweii!!!!!!1111! by Lola-Rola
Nostalgia is entirely Subjective by SuperNicolas1234Storage Stamp by NuclearFizix
DA Stamp - Zoos 01 by tppgraphicsrelevance please? by ShinyWhiteWatersThat's one dumb use of the opinion card. by PandaSennin
I Care by SharkfoldMy pets are my family by emmilamg ducks r coo u just a grump3 grehnch by 36SF
shit don't work that way cupcake by BaconMagicFemale bullies exist by CleliusAnti-Twilight RESPECT Stamp by Nessarie
If I feel like giving up, I WILL. by Little-rolling-beanSTAMP: Mental Illnesses by MottenfestAll fanbases are terrible Stamp by midnightlunarose
GROW UP. by Little-rolling-beanRead the Description by Channeleven
Core Wars by Queen-SouliaBecause it matters...somehow... by PandaSenninI Don't Need To Adhere To Trends Or Be a Hipster by Mintaka-TK
Any frickin day.. by insanetmntmusicloverZamii070 Support by Dolcinea
I Support XxHybridGamerxX Stamp by SnowyCrow123{Gift} ThePinkMonkeyArtist Support stamp by MarioSonicPeace
cuz why naut? by Sweetie-PinkieGift I support Lola Rola stamp by lulochao
DA Stamp - Don't Agree 03 by tppgraphicsLiking Characters from Media I Don't Like by TheFalconStrikerLet people have their preferences in characters... by KyoyaP90x
Stop Blaming Cartoons Stamp by SansTheTrollUPDATE:Seriously,there are. by Sweetie-PinkieBelieve it or not by LadyRebeccaStamps
Frozen Stamp by FireMaster92The constant hate is getting obnoxious, too. by Yoshi1337They aren't the only characters in the movie by SonamyPrincess
(Request) Anti Love Hina Stamp by SoraRoyals77
(Request) So being a female pervert is okay... by Foxstar241Liking Anime Does NOT Make You A Weeb Stamp by MalimooTheOriginalThey're Both Animation by Mintaka-TK
Sane Kagome Fan Stamp by FallenAngelAerithAnzu 3 Stamp by EngelchenYugiMew Mint stamp by SA948-Stamps
Maria Robonik stamp by Mint-Lazuli
haters are no better than the fans by Sweetie-PinkieSunset Shimmer Stamp by migueruchan

(Steven Universe) Pearl Stamp by SCP-811HatenaGarnet Stamp by P0ddo
Koopalings and Bowser Jr. by Blood-B0xerClassic Red is WAY Underrated by TVnGames
We're All Mad Here Stamp by Spectra22Ember stamp by KingdomKira


I almost always comment when I fav. The only time is when deviation might be too old and/or some other reason.

Here are more stamps I have used.

Stamps of pairings I support:
Yes, it IS possible to like both by PurfectPrincessGirlMulti-shipper stamp by MarmaladeYuuStamp: Pairing Orientations by Jammerlee
Vecilla Stamp by SA948-StampsTaismo Stamp by SonicHeartsEmerlXCream stamp by KindGenius
Archie StH Stamp 027 by TheRosePrinceTails and Nicole Stamp by Wankers-Cramp:.Stamp:. KnucklesxJulie-su by 50shadesofPitchBlack
Salamy/Amally stamp by FNaFSonicLvrArchie StH Stamp 041 by TheRosePrinceSonamy Lover - Stamp by darkhyliangirl
Knuckles x Rouge Stamp by anastasiathefox1Archie StH Stamp 012 by TheRosePrinceStamp: Jules x Bernie by Rapha-chan
Rational Silvaze shipping is A-OK by VertekinsSilvaze Stamp by GothScarletCharfron Stamp by GeoffreyHammy16
Chaos x Tikal Stamp by anastasiathefox1Kenally stamp by migueruchanSonilver Stamp by GothScarlet
BleckxTippi Stamp by PoisonousPeach.:MarioxPeach Stamp VI:. by ThePinkMarioPrincessLuaisy Stamp by Sweetie-Pinkie
Proudly Pro InuKag by Syrina-ishInuyasha -- Sango Miroku by SteveStampsAlotsNaruHina and IchiRuki Stamp by Momo-Gazerock
PeachShipping Fan Stamp by NHS-5ZerVis stamp by Ana-12DB: Goku x Chichi by Reykholtz
Mikan x Yami Stamp by LateDaybreakSxS Kiss Stamp by manreeworksSupporting Miyako-x-Taka-chan by Madame-Kikue
KunZoi Stamp by EngelchenYugiLuna X Artemis stamp by LadyRebeccaStampsSea and Wind Love by wampir00
Stamp - SM Wedding 2 by coffeefanatic3462Stamp: Saphir X Petz fan by LadyRebeccaStampsStamp Request: I like both shippings by LadyRebeccaStamps
TomoexNanami stamp by ZakuuyaTarutoxPudding stamp by MooFrog44Stamp request: Mint X Zakuro by LadyRebeccaStamps
I support Pokeshipping by KamisStampsCome at me fanbrats by MintyStampsContestShipping Stamp by NowellsStamps
LuckShipping stamp by SA948-StampsX-SpecialShipping-Stamp-X by liliebiehlina3sisteRuby x Sapphire Stamp by Andalucia-chan
Pearlmethyst Stamp by russetrubySteven x Connie by MarlenesstampsStamp Request: Greg X Rose fan by LadyRebeccaStamps
Larsadie Stamp by ZinniaSnowdropPeridot x Jasper stamp by MarioSonicPeaceWendy Corduroy x Sour Cream (SU) stamp by MarioSonicPeace
Dipper x Pacifica [STAMP] 1 by Rumay-ChianGrillby X Sans stamp by AllytheWolffy98UT: Sans x (Female) Drunk Bunny || Request 29 by Sanstima-Stamps
Harlivy stamp  by XxFlameFrost101xXMaiko Stamp by 3VAD127DrakkenxShego by SmearingSin

Jack x Sally by RaneesePrincess Demurra x King Draykor stamp by MarioSonicPeace
Marceline x BubbleGum Stamp by DrakkenlovesShego12Jake and Lady Stamp by ThatCreativeCatLove on fire by clio-mokona
Stamp - Fionna x Prince Gumball by ajikaji
Mitchercup Stamp by NyanicornYaY
Boomubbles Stamp by NyanicornYaY
Brickercup by NyanicornYaYStamp - Fluttercord by leetle-pink-fudge
Robbles Stamp by NyanicornYaY
LunaCord stamp 1 - request by freezestampsCheesePie Stamp #2 by DemonKaizoku
Bulkshy Stamp by TambelonMarbleMac stamp- by Sweetie-Pinkie
Sparity Stamp by DrakkenlovesShego12Rarishy Stamp by elsadorable-dolls
SoarDash stamp. by xMayiiCheerilee x Bic Macintoish - stamp by V1KAREQUEST:  The Cakes Stamp by inkypaws-productions
Cranky and Matilda by Donald-Bottom.:request:. CaraWhistler Stamp by schwarzekatze4Sunset Shimmer x Twilight Sparkle Stamp by PrincessCandra
RainbowPie stamp by princesss-frecklesTrixShimmer Stamp by DrakkenlovesShego12FlashLight Stamp by Meadow-Leaf
TwiJack stamp 2 by freezestampsPinkieshy by never-coming-back
SnipsBloom Stamp by SoraRoyals77.:request:. FancyFleur Stamp by schwarzekatze4
Anna x Kristoff stamp by Shichi-Saruko
Mr Krabs X Mrs Puff stamp by Mintaka-TKJennyXSheldon Stamp by SoraRoyals77
Pairings by Metadream

I support more pairings, but I don't want to over-do it here
(if I haven't already XD).

Stamps of pairings I don't support:

Main heroine and creepy alien boy? NO THANKS! by LadyRebeccaStampsAnti Usagi X Prince Demande stamp by LadyRebeccaStampsAnti-Aizen x Hinamori Stamp by Hakufumomo
Anti Jaspis Stamp by Autistic-ZydrateAnti Tails x Fiona Stamp by anastasiathefox1Anti Scourge x Rosy Stamp by anastasiathefox1
Anti TwiArmor Stamp by SoraRoyals77Anti Rey x Kylo Ren by rockstarcrossingDisliking Sonadow IS NOT Homophobic by Vertekins
Really, MLP fandom? by XMonochrome-NimbusXAnti-DomHater Stamp by KessieLouAnti Fiolee Stamp by lola4232
anti jelsa by pitufotontin
anti Dilestia stamp by ShinyWhiteWaters
Anti Rainbowcord Stamp by SoraRoyals77
MLP X Sonic? NO THANKS by Sweetie-PinkieAnti Dumbeldash by DrakkenlovesShego12Anti Blitzdash by StarryOak
Anti Rariblood by DrakkenlovesShego12Anti - TwiComet by FairyKitties22
Not that difficult a concept by WarriorofJesuszadr Free Page Stamp by WarmedOldMuslin

My page is shipping war free zone.
I will not argue about any pairings because it is completely pointless. Thank you. :)

Sonic couples stamp by Bitchtits-McGeeTo Sonamy fans and haters by Sonicgirl1552000Pairing vs Shipper Stamp by the-ocean-sings
I don't have to like a ship just beacuse its gay. by Little-rolling-beanCanon Stamp by KaDeanaWhy is one okay but not the other? by LadyRebeccaStamps
No it's not. by Sweetie-PinkieCome on guys, it's not that hard by JaxxyLupeiFluttercord Friendshipping Stamp by Rosethethief
Yuri Stamp by AnnaethGreenleafFlawed Shipping Stamp by RosalinasSoulmateYaoi hater hypocrisy by LadyRebeccaStamps
Should this ALWAYS be an Issue..? by PurfectPrincessGirlbecause the world revolves around your OTP by ShinyWhiteWaters
RQ - IchiRuki Fan that doesn't hate Renji by TVnGamesmust it always be shipping? by ShinyWhiteWaters
But that character is too pwetty to be single! by Guei-GirlNo one for Elsa by DP-Stamps


I haven't done a Critique in a long while, so I will try my best. Let's start with the background. I like how you only used small dots ...

That is very cool. I must say it is one of the best pictures of Sonic that I have seen. The colors are nicely and smoothly done. Sonic'...

Hello. This is my first critique on DA, so I will do my best. For starters, this is very cute and beautiful. You certainly drawn the ch...

Hello everyone. This a journal I have meaning to make for the last few days. 
You see, I have started school again last Monday, which has a bit of a weird schedule. So this means I will be quite busy. 

Arrow Bullet (Bright Purple) - F2U!  The times I will be offline are Mondays, Wednesday, Thursdays, and Saturdays from Morning to the late afternoon. 

I still also have to that cold I had a two weeks ago (although it turned out to be a fever too. The fever has been gone for a while now though), which has been absolutely driving me insane. -__________-

Now about the requests I have promised before, don't worry, I will try to fix in time for them (in fact, I actually finished a lot of them for a while now, I just need to upload them). I just want to make warn you guys that I will be slow on them thanks to homework and assignments that are due within these next few weeks (UGH!). So don't think I haven't forgotten about them, I didn't.

I just wanted to warn you guys about my absences, as I have been trying to get used to my school schedule and doing work I have gotten. 

Finally, I also want to thank TeamFortressPlayer3KokoTalaDanidellaKitty-McGeeky97TecuciztecatlOcelotlSuper-MantisInuKikandIchiRuki01ArmamentDawg , KandaHaruka
solidus598Cambion-Hunter PKfire2016TheRisenChaosStormlover10sugilita, and animetrain027  

for all the get well wish/comments. I really appreciate them a lot. :hug: (Please don't think that me not commenting on all of them, doesn't mean I don't).

TLTR: I will still be online and will try to finish all stamp requests, just not all the time. And I like to thank you all of you guys.
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MarioSonicPeace's Profile Picture
Hello. I'm MarioSonicPeace (you can call me Peace).

I am not only long-time fan of both Mario and Sonic (*surprise, surprise*), but also Pokemon and Power Rangers.

I also like a lot of other things in fiction.

However, I also enjoy things in the real-world such as nature, animals, art, sight-seeing and more.

Not to mention that I am a supporter of LGBTH rights (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Heterosexual)
and equality rights in general.

Here are a bunch of stamps and buttons I used.

General DA stamps:
Stamp: Peace by delusional-dreamsHopelessly Addicted :Stamp: by LauNachtyrStamp: Collection system favs by JammerleeFav too much - Stamp by Tadadada
Stamp - Don't U liek it? by BritazzyI DUN LIEK UR OPINIONZ by Mintaka-TKNo Excuse Stamp by VampsStockNot Perfect Stamp by Neko-CosmicKittyDo Research First by World-Hero21
Endler's Tips of Deviantart Commenting by endlerREAD before uploading. by World-Hero21IT'S HARASSMENT UR ALL TROLLS by endlerAre you fucking kidding me? by Little-rolling-beanStamp: Another wake-up call. by Catthylove
Sorry I Can't Give You My Undivided Attention by MissGingerIce You are normal whether you like it or not. by Little-rolling-beanNot bullshit. by World-Hero21Yer buring fer beeing reelistic11!! by Little-rolling-beanrespect by phydeau
About The Fanbrats... Stamp by NatouMJSonicIt Must Have Taken a Long While by endlerGood artist doesn't mean good person by Nutty-Nutzis...You Know What, I'm Sick Of This by Mintaka-TK
Block Responsibly by HarmonicSonicReally, Fandumb Seriously Isn't Always It by endlerSomebody had to make it. by Little-rolling-beanYou don't even know me, jerk.  by Little-rolling-bean
So I can't curse but the teacher can? Fucking BS! by Little-rolling-beanI support writing English by FragileReveriesThink before you type stamp by andariaStamp 4 - Be nice by satakigreendragon
Friendship by Mintaka-TKSelf explanatory by ChannelevenFrankly, I Don't Give a Darn by ChannelevenCommon knowledge people! by Foxstar241
'Mary Sue' says nothing. by LillianBellWhining about it won't make it go away by ShinyWhiteWaters

Human stamps:
Why for one specific gender?  by Little-rolling-beanThere's Going to Be A Million Stamps Now by endlerIt comes from EVERYONE. by World-Hero21Appearance and sexuality stereotypes? by RoliStampsNothing wrong with them .:Male:. by RoliStamps
Stamp: Fuck these kinds of people by PrincessSkylerJust as homosexuality exists. by World-Hero21Stamp: Anti anti-orientation by JammerleeSex, No Love, Love, No Sex by MoonChildStampsI support Bisexuality by KiraiMirai
Homosexuality Stamp by CackleberrySeriously? by Little-rolling-beanThey can always be debunked.  by Little-rolling-beanWhat makes you think ALL hets can have babies? by Little-rolling-beanAdoption? Saving unwanted kids? you don't care.  by Little-rolling-bean
I support marriage by Akhnaton-IINot all of them are Bad by PurfectPrincessGirlTeens by CleliusI support SANE christians by Faeth-designHuman Trafficking Stamp by Mintaka-TK

Nature stamps:
Everyday Earth Day by HBP12Recycle Stamp by nechama7

Animal stamps:
DA Stamp - Care About Both 01 by tppgraphicsAnimals Matter to Me Stamp by votrereineAnimal Stamp by VampsStock
I'm not a wolfaboo stamp by Sandslash-TrainerWolves are indeed misunderstood by Pencilartguy (Wolves are misunderstood by wolfaboos)
Dolphin Love Stamp by smileystampsRespect for Birds Stamp by VampsStockProtect All Elephants! by Mintaka-TK
I Support Echidnas by BoarfeathersRespect for Spiders Stamp. by VampsStock

Sega stamps:
Sane Sonic fans by FluffyFerret97Sonic voice actor wars are annoying by VertekinsSonic Voice Actors Stamp by NsiderBurningBlazeGROW UP by VertekinsSonic fandom stamp by Akanes-StampsStill Sonic Stamp by gameboyheroOut of context Sonic quote Stamp. by VertekinsI Support Green-Eyed Sonic by Powerwing-AmberSonic Unleashed is underrated by VertekinsLike what you want by Vertekins
Archie Espio Stamp by NejiShadow2051Blooming Cosmo Stamp by VertekinsSuper Silver :stamp: by Sayuri-AmayaBlaze needs a game stamp by ARTic-Weather
Anti Sally and Amy Shipping Rivalry by VertekinsStamp: Sally and Amy BOTH... by JammerleeShade The Echidna Stamp by The-Shade-ClubTikal Stamp 1 by NowellsStampsChaos Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki
Sonic and Shadow Equally by AReluctant-HeroKnuckles and Shadow are Equal on the Badass Scale by MsLunarUmbreonDr Eggman. Eternally underrated. by Vertekinsomega stamp by PFV0-StampSaffron fan stamp by KimberlyTheHedgie
The Annoyance of a Childhood Memory by Zakkur-aSonic Chronicles Stamp XD by Xelo-THBig the Cat is misunderstood by VertekinsSonic is NOT a Gary Stu by VertekinsSonic Underground Fan Stamp by VTK-Stamps
Preferring Japanese Sonic doesn't make you Weaboo by Vertekins--- by ChannelevenMy option about Shadria...sorta:stamp: by HTFNeoHeidiGerald Robotnik stamp by BluefireStamps
Sonic Archie Comics Button (UPDATED) by ButtonsMaker
Sega =/= Archie stamp by BlossomforthI Support Archie by MoonlightVegasPro Archie Sonic Comic stamp by Beau-SkunkSEGA has every right to have a say in Archie by Vertekins
.: Stamp : Sonic Isn't Everything! :. by AstaAuraSTAMP: There's much more to SEGA than Sonic by The-Man-Of-Tomorrow

NiGHTS Fan Button V1.1 by Natakiro
NiGHTS Into Dreams Stamp by Mintaka-TKNiGHTS Fan Stamp by Karmarsi-Kedamoki
female NIGHTS stamp by MonoShuga I know Nights is genderless in canon, but I like to see her/him as a girl because we don't have many female video game mascots.

Nintendo stamps:
Mario Bros Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Mario Bros. equality by MarioLuigi25Yoshi stamp by Kaisuke1Toadette Support Stamp by Sweetie-PinkieStamp - Nastasia - SPM by CutyAries
They can be besties! by CrystalisZeldaI support Princess Peach stamp by DaisyDrawer I also support Pauline and other female Mario characters.

Pokemon Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Pokemon Stamp by MarkiSanGen 4 Evos Stamp by flarefugikagePokemon - Regigigas Stamp by NatakiroWith love from Jhoto by RelentlessRepeat
tropius stamp by Kanga-RueRiolu Stamp by PFV0-StampTrainers Gonna Train by Fyi-SusMisty and Togepi fan STAMP by diamond-in-the-ruff
Raichu Needs More Love stamp by katamariluvAll Pokemon Group support by SA948-Stamps

Kirby Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Starfy and Kirby stamp by Miruthekirby

Power Ranger and Super Sentai stamps:
Power Rangers Fan by Howie62
It made my childhood/adulthood awesome by PandaSennin

Rumiko Takahashi:
Ranma 1/2 Fan Stamp by jehaldeman
Inuyasha Fan Button by ButtonsMaker
Kikyo Kagome by Kagome-Chanx

Magical girl series:
PPG and PPGZ stamp by Death-Driver-5000 Apparently, Sailor Moon's Demeaning Towards Women! by Mintaka-TKMagical Girl Fan Stamp by Mintaka-TK

Disney stamps:
Donald Stamp by Donald-BottomGravity Falls Stamp by xioccolateCandace Stamp by L-mon

MLP stamps:
I like MLP stamp by Llama-ladyBecause, y'know, they could e doing worse stuff. by CatthyloveQuit Labeling Us by RosethethiefLEAVINGTHEFANDOMFOREVERGAIZMISSMEBADLY by endler
More Brony Tears for me! by PandaSenninI like all the main 6 ponies stamp *edited* by CritterInvasionStamp: As a matter of fact, make that any pony. by CatthyloveMlp was only for the money in the first place! by Little-rolling-bean
Celestia Worshiper Stamp by TheNarffyPrincess Cadence stamp by narutofangirl12:Spike Stamp by SoraRoyals77I Don't See Why You Can't Be Allowed To Like Both by Mintaka-TK
Good King Sombra stamp for Anzu by LordPendragonOfCariaSweetie Belle Stamp by Lyakar
Ooh, you guys are gonna HATE me for this... by Nuclearzeon2Sonata is evil stamp by TheDazzlingHipster

OC stamps:
Stamp Request: I respect mature OC X canon makers by LadyRebeccaStampsCreative OC? by LentertamentNeutral Ocxcannon by SuperSmashBrony475

Stamps about things I am against:
Wha - Hey! Another stamp talking about rape! by CatthyloveChild pageantry should be illegal... by BlackJillNO to drugs Stamp by Avell-Angeli dont smoke by sergbelDo we really need this? by HiddenxWolfStamp: Shipping real people crosses the line. by CatthyloveSay no to art THEFT! by ShadowRulesForever11Want More Lovin' by KrisTheTrashLordI Really Do NOT Care by SionnaDehrHimegoto Sucks Stamp by jehaldeman
anti Trollestia by ShinyWhiteWaters I still hate Sanic (the meme), I just didn't have the stamp for it anymore.

Stamps about other things I like:
Fictional Creatures Stamp by DEEcat98The Gallery Stamp by BusirisI actually like the new DA logo -stamp by ShinyWhiteWaters
I love Big Bang Theory by nekomimipiiStamp: The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy. by CatthyloveRequest: Case Closed - Detective Conan by World-Hero21
Who says you can't like both? by Mintaka-TKI read the manga. by obakestampsNot A Weeaboo by PBCrackers

Invader Zim:
Anti-ZADR Group Icon by irradiationDib Stamp by ChoccolatoTak Fan Stamp by Tiny-Toons-Fan

Warner Bros:
Stamp - Rabbit or Duck Season? by YukiMizuno(Request) Loonatics Unleashed Stamp by SoraRoyals77

Disagree and hate by JWiesnerOpinion respecting - stamp by Angi-ShyAm I right people? by PandaSenninIgnoring Vs. Flaming Stamp by tiirikka
Opinion Stamp by BlakyCatControl yourself if you wish to hate. by Little-rolling-beanBecause dark and light coexist by PandaSennin

Have a nice day and a good night. Peace to you all.
STAMP-Mario and Sonic 005 by NoNamepje


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Thanks for the watch!!!!! Vinyl Scratch The DJ PON-3 
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You're welcome. :D Same to you for the watch and the llama. :)
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:hug: Hey, have you been doing alright? :)
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Hi. :hug: 
I have been okay. Just dealing with a lot of work for the past few weeks. :P

I'm trying to get as many stamps requests done as soon as possible. 
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I understand. Having a lot of work in addition to stamp requests might be time consuming, so I hope you take things easy every now and then.
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Zo from Clifford Puppy Days
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Hm, okay, I shall fit that one in for you. :) However, I don't think I can fit anymore after that for a long time. I'm sorry. ^^; 
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